It’s time to introduce you to yet another brand new client.

This time around we’re saying hello to Flintshire Learning for Recovery & Wellbeing.

They are an organisation that helps organise activities and courses for the community of Flintshire. Through these free sessions, it helps support peoples wellbeing while meeting new friends, developing confidence, and learning new skills.

As with all new clients, we like to give them an introduction on who they are and what ie instinct are going to get up to!

Who are Flintshire Learning for Recovery and Wellbeing?

Learning and connecting with others are important factors in achieving and maintaining wellbeing in our lives. FLRW work with many local organisations to have a calendar packed full of various activities and courses for the people of Flintshire to get involved in. All of the activities and courses listed with their brochure (print & digital) are designed to help people improve their wellbeing whilst meeting new friends, developing confidence and learning new skills.

These activities/courses are free to attend for people who live in Flintshire and are affected by Mental Health issues and are struggling with their wellbeing. This also includes people who are in caring roles.

The activities are provided by Flintshire Learning Partnership, made up of Advocacy Services North East Wales, Flintshire County Council. Some of the organisations included with this partnership are Unllais, Flintshire County Council,  CAN – Together for mental health, North East Wales Mind, Coleg Cambria, The Denbigh Workshop, Deeside Community Trust, Advocacy Services North East Wales, Flintshire Local Voluntary Council, KIM Inspire and AURA Leisure & Libraries.

What we will be doing?

When FLRW approached us we were during the time of a national lockdown, their only online presence was their website and they urgently needed to provide support to the people of Flintshire through other online channels. 

After having a meeting with FLWR to talk through ideas and plans to create a stronger online identity, we immediately identified which social profiles were required for their target audience.

Work has been carried out to create a Facebook Business Page along with a Twitter profile.

We have focused on the presentation of their organisation as well as appealing to their target audience.

Going forward, FLWR is on a social media management package retainer, meaning every month we will create content, schedule, monitor and report on their social profiles. One of the main aims for both ie instinct and FLWR is creating an area that aids the user’s journey and quickly informs them of what’s available to them.

To help with this, the social media content will consist of a mixture of CTA’s and wellbeing messages. The content will be a mixture of branded designs along with imagery from the activities. This will enable us to create brand consistency as well as relatable, comforting content for their end users. 

Be sure to keep up with the ie insights and all of our socials so you don’t miss out on any updates!

Right now, the majority of your inbox will be made up of your favourite brands reaching out to you, seeing if they can tempt you to dabble in their services once more.

Nine times out of ten, we’re not even mad about it. Especially, when these emails grab our attention and get us feeling something.

This is the fine line that exists between great email marketing and emails that get swiped straight into the bin.

Let’s take a look a bit further into what email marketing is all about…

Whether you’re a customer or a business, no one likes to feel like they’re trying to be sold something.They want to feel that agency and relax in the knowledge that it’s their choice. But there’s definitely nothing wrong with giving your customers a little nudge in the right direction every now and then. You’ve just gotta have the magic touch.

So, if you’re a business owner thinking, ‘How am I meant to smash email marketing and reap all those lovely benefits like increasing traffic and boosted conversion rates?’ Here are some of our favourite brands currently smashing their email marketing.


Of course, we had to mention ASOS, what AREN’T they smashing at the moment? Whether it’s their ability to stay on top of trends or dishing out engaging content across their social media channels, they’re simply killing it.

When it comes to their email marketing, ASOS keeps it cool and casual – appealing to their young, millennial/gen z audience.

They’re constantly dishing out themed promotions, sending their contacts exclusive offers, utilising current events, emojis and cool, on-brand designs and graphics AND they use just the right amount of CTAs to lead their readers right back to the website or app.

They know exactly what their targeted demographic want to see, and they’ve learnt how to grab their attention with fun and quirky subject lines and email snippets. We love you ASOS.

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild sells beautiful, in-season flowers online, as well as a monthly subscription service that delivers fresh flowers straight to your door on a monthly basis. As well as having a great name, B&W have a really unique approach to email marketing – one that works!

As well as encompassing all the right attributes that make email marketing great, i.e engaging subject lines, lots of images, on-brand designs, fonts, logos and plenty of CTA links, for those who have entrusted them with their email, they send out more personal forms of marketing.

These more personal emails come straight from their Customer Experience Manager and are addressed as if it was a normal, informal email between friends.

They address you with your name, let you know exactly who the email is coming from, speak in first person so you know it’s coming straight from the sender and even throw in some polite ‘how are you’s’ and ‘enjoy the rest of your day’s’. And, this is all wrapped around interesting company news or great active discounts. This not only appeals to their target market but also makes customers feel seen, heard and excited to receive exclusive offers. And, there’s nothing more key than exclusivity when trying to market your products to willing customers.

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay is an online make-up and beauty retailer who are known for their out-there approach when it comes to marketing. They love using fun colours, graphics and product imagery and really have their finger on the pulse when it comes to latest trends and influencer marketing.

To add to their list, they’re amazing at email marketing! Sprinkling your inbox with loud and proud capitalised subject lines and plenty of emojis, Beauty Bay really knows how to stand out amongst the rest of your emails. They also aren’t shy of using your name, your activity on their site and your abandoned carts to create personalised marketing that’s going to reach out to you and you only.


Photobox are a photo printing company that allows you to send off for your own photos to be printed, whether that be in picture form or, for special occasions, on items such as books, bags, puzzles and other gifts.

We’re giving Photobox a shout out for email marketing as it’s clear that they have their customers at the forefront of their mind, especially when it comes to certain annual events.

Many of us are used to the flurry of marketing emails when it comes to days like Mother’s Day & Father’s Day. But have we ever stopped to think about those of us who might not what to be reminded that this day is coming up?

Photobox, along with other forward-thinking brands, sends out an email to their customers giving them the option to opt-out of Father’s Day/Mother’s Day emails. Just with one simple click, it’ll make Photobox aware not to send anything over to this specific customer in an attempt to make quite a hard time for their customer, a little easier.

Now that is amazing customer service AND a great use of email marketing that will bring customers back to you again and again.

Are you feeling inspired?

Would you like to send an email campaign? What unforgettable email marketing have you received? Let us know on our social pages, send us a DM.

A great marketing strategy is comprised of many things; from the right research, the right tactics through to the right team, carefully constructing your strategy takes a significant amount of thought.

One of the main downfalls for many businesses developing their marketing strategy is understanding what should go into it to ensure it is taken from concept to execution and beyond.

Well, we’re here to help. We have compiled six of the most essential things that we believe you’ll need to ensure your digital strategy is a success.


All great marketing starts with a great website and achieving this is no mean feat. It should be visually engaging, detail your products or services effectively, be fast, easily navigable, optimised, updated regularly, the list goes on. Get your website right, however, and you have the potential to set your business apart from your competitors.

Social Media

No matter what your business does, social media must play an integral role in your digital marketing strategy. Obviously not all platforms will be relevant to your business; you wouldn’t, for example, normally see an accountant posting on Pinterest, but implemented in the right way and social media can have an astounding impact on your marketing’s overall success.


The term content can cover a wide range of things, from articles to infographics, whitepapers to video, producing and sharing great content with your target audience is key to gaining their attention and ultimately ensuring they engage with your business. A great content plan will entertain, inform and highlight your business to be a leader in your industry.


Search engines have changed the way that people gather information. One of the first things any of us is likely to do when searching for a new product or service is to Google it, therefore you want your business to be one of the first names that pops up for their query. Investing in SEO is essential in achieving these high rankings.


Your digital marketing strategy should be a live document, it will need to evolve and adapt depending on the shape of the landscape and the results you achieve. Your analytics should inform your ongoing strategy; what went well, what didn’t, what areas require improvement?


Whether this relates to tools or a marketing agency, finding the right support for various areas of your marketing is a great way to take it to the next level. For ie instinct, we have seen the huge impact that our services can have on businesses, both with their own in-house team and without. We provide that much-needed skill set that is often crucial to a well-rounded strategy.

If you’re looking for support with your marketing strategy, get in touch, we are here support you with all things marketing!