What you’ll need for your Digital Marketing Strategy

A great marketing strategy is comprised of many things; from the right research, the right tactics through to the right team, carefully constructing your strategy takes a significant amount of thought.

One of the main downfalls for many businesses developing their marketing strategy is understanding what should go into it to ensure it is taken from concept to execution and beyond.

Well, we’re here to help. We have compiled six of the most essential things that we believe you’ll need to ensure your digital strategy is a success.


All great marketing starts with a great website and achieving this is no mean feat. It should be visually engaging, detail your products or services effectively, be fast, easily navigable, optimised, updated regularly, the list goes on. Get your website right, however, and you have the potential to set your business apart from your competitors.

Social Media

No matter what your business does, social media must play an integral role in your digital marketing strategy. Obviously not all platforms will be relevant to your business; you wouldn’t, for example, normally see an accountant posting on Pinterest, but implemented in the right way and social media can have an astounding impact on your marketing’s overall success.


The term content can cover a wide range of things, from articles to infographics, whitepapers to video, producing and sharing great content with your target audience is key to gaining their attention and ultimately ensuring they engage with your business. A great content plan will entertain, inform and highlight your business to be a leader in your industry.


Search engines have changed the way that people gather information. One of the first things any of us is likely to do when searching for a new product or service is to Google it, therefore you want your business to be one of the first names that pops up for their query. Investing in SEO is essential in achieving these high rankings.


Your digital marketing strategy should be a live document, it will need to evolve and adapt depending on the shape of the landscape and the results you achieve. Your analytics should inform your ongoing strategy; what went well, what didn’t, what areas require improvement?


Whether this relates to tools or a marketing agency, finding the right support for various areas of your marketing is a great way to take it to the next level. For ie instinct, we have seen the huge impact that our services can have on businesses, both with their own in-house team and without. We provide that much-needed skill set that is often crucial to a well-rounded strategy.

If you’re looking for support with your marketing strategy, get in touch, we are here support you with all things marketing!