Flintshire Learning for Recovery & Wellbeing appoints ie instinct

It’s time to introduce you to yet another brand new client.

This time around we’re saying hello to Flintshire Learning for Recovery & Wellbeing.

They are an organisation that helps organise activities and courses for the community of Flintshire. Through these free sessions, it helps support peoples wellbeing while meeting new friends, developing confidence, and learning new skills.

As with all new clients, we like to give them an introduction on who they are and what ie instinct are going to get up to!

Who are Flintshire Learning for Recovery and Wellbeing?

Learning and connecting with others are important factors in achieving and maintaining wellbeing in our lives. FLRW work with many local organisations to have a calendar packed full of various activities and courses for the people of Flintshire to get involved in. All of the activities and courses listed with their brochure (print & digital) are designed to help people improve their wellbeing whilst meeting new friends, developing confidence and learning new skills.

These activities/courses are free to attend for people who live in Flintshire and are affected by Mental Health issues and are struggling with their wellbeing. This also includes people who are in caring roles.

The activities are provided by Flintshire Learning Partnership, made up of Advocacy Services North East Wales, Flintshire County Council. Some of the organisations included with this partnership are Unllais, Flintshire County Council,  CAN – Together for mental health, North East Wales Mind, Coleg Cambria, The Denbigh Workshop, Deeside Community Trust, Advocacy Services North East Wales, Flintshire Local Voluntary Council, KIM Inspire and AURA Leisure & Libraries.

What we will be doing?

When FLRW approached us we were during the time of a national lockdown, their only online presence was their website and they urgently needed to provide support to the people of Flintshire through other online channels. 

After having a meeting with FLWR to talk through ideas and plans to create a stronger online identity, we immediately identified which social profiles were required for their target audience.

Work has been carried out to create a Facebook Business Page along with a Twitter profile.

We have focused on the presentation of their organisation as well as appealing to their target audience.

Going forward, FLWR is on a social media management package retainer, meaning every month we will create content, schedule, monitor and report on their social profiles. One of the main aims for both ie instinct and FLWR is creating an area that aids the user’s journey and quickly informs them of what’s available to them.

To help with this, the social media content will consist of a mixture of CTA’s and wellbeing messages. The content will be a mixture of branded designs along with imagery from the activities. This will enable us to create brand consistency as well as relatable, comforting content for their end users. 

Be sure to keep up with the ie insights and all of our socials so you don’t miss out on any updates!