Iain Tyrrell – When modern meets classic

We have truly landed on a gem here. We are delighted to say we are supporting Iain Tyrrell with his brand identity and digital marketing channels. 

Iain Tyrrell is one of the world’s foremost classic car experts, respected technical authority, restorer and historian. Iain is also an accomplished creative performing artist. Over the last 12 months, Iain Tyrrell has captured global attention, which has led him to appreciate the need to update his branding and online presence.  

Following a fantastic meeting, Iain said himself, he knew not only was it was the right time but we were the right company to be working with. 

Who is Iain Tyrrell?

Virtually anyone involved with the world of classic cars will be familiar with Iain’s name, the depth of his knowledge of the classic car industry and the exceptional quality of his work. He is the quintessential classic car expert, and is now a ‘go-to’ reference for some of the world’s most coveted car manufacturers.

One of Iain’s calling cards in recent times has been the unearthing and authentication of ‘the’ iconic Lamborghini Miura from the 1969 classic film The Italian Job

Iain also has a passion for performing arts which stretches all the way back to 1979 when he started out doing amateur dramatics. 

No stranger to high profile performances, Iain was once contracted to sing with American jazz legend Ben Tucker and his band in the U.S. Ben’s band accompanied Iain at venues in the Southern U.S. and live on NBC TV.

After unearthing ‘the Italian Job Miura’ in 2015, as a bit of mischief Iain returned to the studio with his friend, blues guitarist and composer Steve Wright, and they recorded their own version of the song that is forever linked with the car; On Days Like These. All Iain’s and Steve’s proceeds from this recording go to charity. Downloads are available from iTunes, Amazon music and Spotify.

What will ie instinct do?

We will be working with Iain to create a clear brand identity by exploring the existing branding and bringing in modern elements for the various services and interests involved within the business. 

It is vital there is consistency throughout the various marketing platforms such as social media and digital marketing channels. 

The branding activity will include creating social media designs that identity instantly as Iain Tyrell and showcase his full array of services and interests. 

Following on from this, we will create a new website design and development which will ensure there is a distinctive, high-quality feel to compliment the service offering from Iain Tyrrell. Alongside making sure that the new Iain Tyrell website is designed and developed with the user in mind, we will also be focusing on creating a space that informs the user on the variety and personality that you can expect from Iain. 

We can’t wait to get started on this project! Be sure to keep up with the ie insights and all of our socials so you don’t miss out on any updates!