This Sunday, 8th March, will mark International Women’s Day, with events taking place worldwide in celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. 

This day has seen the heroic efforts of the Suffragettes, Civil Rights efforts, it has seen women win the right to vote, the first woman in space, the first female prime minister and countless other crucial milestones.   

As a female business owner, this day represents many things. I am conscious that this remarkable day is potentially turning into a corporate Mother’s Day but it is one that I still believe should get the limelight it well deserves. To celebrate this day, I will be attending Womanifest 2020 in Deansgate, Manchester along with friends and clients. At Womanifest 2020 we can celebrate this exceptional day and learn more tips on how to support one another both personally and in business. 

Women in Business

And, it’s not just ie instinct that is led by a single female, Callie James, we are also lucky enough to work with a number of businesses that are fronted by female leaders, including children’s book author Vicky Cowie, photographer Ginger Pixie (Melissa Cross) and award-winning in-house recruiters JVP Group (Cath Harrison), MTS Psychotherapy (Manuela Surgeon), and KJs Entertainment Ltd (Korena James) to name a couple.

We also celebrate Women in Business throughout various networking events within the area of North Wales. Some recent events we have attended and had the opportunity to speak are the MIBA Networking Rhyl & Prestatyn and FSB Women in Business. 

Supporting International Women’s Day

AEG, the world’s leading sports and live entertainment company, is supporting International Women’s Day, with a social media campaign focused around this year’s “Each For Equal” theme. The campaign underscores the company’s commitment to gender equality and celebrates women’s achievements, opportunities and potential.

The campaign encourages the message of “Each For Equal” and the hashtag #womenstrong and sharing GIFs from the site on their social channels. You can watch the campaign here:

How will you be celebrating the achievements of women this International Women’s Day?

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