And, just like that, 2020 is here. Not just a new year, but a new decade. Are you ready or do you want to become marketing ready this year?

With advancing technology, changing audiences and an ever-changing approach to marketing best practice, it can be hard to keep up with the latest marketing landscape. But, knowing you’re ticking some of the boxes and they are the ones that are applicable to your business and target audience, then you’re onto a winner.

Year in, year out the landscape of the marketing industry doesn’t standstill. And with that, each year also brings the many predictions. So, this year we thought we would also join in and put our stamp on what we feel will make great impacts in the marketing world in 2020.

Social & Shopping

Social media is a dominant force in the marketing world, and for good reason.

With data showing that Facebook alone has over 2.4 billion users, that’s one in three people globally. Failing to tap into the power this represents can severely impact the success of your marketing strategy. For e-commerce businesses, social media has, for many years, been used as an effective advertising tool to encourage people to click through to their website and purchase goods.

Social commerce is well on its way to becoming a mainstream retail channel on par with other mediums like websites and offline stores. This trend will strengthen further with more and more social networks introducing pro-selling features like shoppable posts.

Increased Use of Video

The increased use of video in digital marketing has been a contender on prediction lists for the past few years, and each year these predictions have been bang on! Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content and will soon dominate the social media a clear winner over all other types of content.

As consumers continually expect information to be readily available at the click of a button, video supports this well, as it eliminates the need for viewers to have to take the time to do their own research or spend time reading, whether it be on a particular product or service.

Video provides brands with the opportunity to add their own personality to the services or products they are offering, thus further converting the potential customer who is seeking guidance and advice from an expert.

Influencers & Regulations

Influencers have become a huge part of the marketing and advertising world over the past few years. Recently, the industry was met with a great deal of criticism as influencers were accused of promoting products that they had never tried, that were dangerous or that promoted an unhealthy lifestyle to the consumer. As a result of this and many other controversies over the past year, we expect 2020 to have a strong focus on the regulation of influencer posts.

However, it doesn’t take away the fact that Social media today is dominated by influencers. Marketers are not just collaborating with 1-2 influencers now, but working with a whole network of small, relevant, niche influencers. These kinds of influencers get much higher engagement and cost much less. Going forward, more and more marketers will use this strategy and work with multiple smaller influencers instead of one celebrity.


As people become more and more aware that they are being advertised to, they are looking for innovative new ways to hear about brands that differentiate a brand from its competitors. As a result of this, we expect to see personalisation within marketing skyrocket.

Data backs up the theory that this will be an effective tactic, with 90% of 1000 people surveyed stating that they found personalised marketing appealing. This is where you have to realise that most often, your message doesn’t fit every single one of your visitors but through personalisation, you can convert more of your visitors into customers. To carry personalisation out effectively, marketers should be prepared to send out highly targeted e-shots, write very specific content and have a very detailed target audience of social advertising.

When I was asked, ‘What else will we see in 2020?’ I personally think that will be more of a focus on “customer needs”, instead of “marketing needs.” As the only people that really matter are the people that you want using your product or service. Refocusing what is actually delivered to customers will be a trend in 2020 that I believe many companies won’t be able to ignore.

Callie James, Director of ie instinct

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