Callie James and Kelly Evans, have the strength and determination to succeed, both in business and fitness. Now we hear how both ladies have joined forces to support one another.

Eat Train Live are a small personal training facility based in Bodelwyddan, North Wales. Owner and Fitness Coach, Kelly Evans has created indoor and outdoor group fitness training, fitness sessions for parents and their little ones, and 1-2-1 personal training. 

Callie James, Director of ie instinct had heard great things about Eat Train Live so when it came to getting her…how can it be politely put, ok forget it, her arse in gear, it was time to get in touch with Kelly Evans.

Whilst Kelly has been in her comfort zone training Callie, it’s now time to get into our comfort zone and tell you our story on the experience of Personal Training. Let’s hear what Callie has to say…

You hear people say I’ve got a personal trainer, I’ve got a PT session, so what’s it all about? Well…

Honestly speaking, it’s personal in the fact you get your body into various different positions, you are past the point of perspiring, and you sometimes share a number of selective words to shout out. So, they get to know you rather quickly!

And, the training, well that’s where Kelly Evans does her thing. She gives you the motivation to get not just your body, but your mind in the room, push yourself from saying ‘I can’t’ to ‘OMG I just did it’ and of course makes you burst out laughing when you have your focus face on.

Before you read on, I should really e-introduce myself, I’m Callie James – gosh I feel I need to add age, weight, height, and occupation, this a real bio.

In all seriousness, personal training is something I had never considered. I have been to various exercise classes, for both the girly get together and fitness but very much go there and get it done. I had this association that a PT would have me on the scales each time, give me a strict diet plan, and that is just not me. But how wrong I was! After having what I like to call ‘an exercise break’ for around 12 months (just damn lazy!), I knew I needed to get back to it. I needed something new, something to challenge me, especially as the dark, colder months automatically make it harder to exercise.

I had been recommended to Eat Train Live, so after meeting and chatting with Kelly, I knew instantly I was going to feel comfortable. Kelly understood the areas I wanted to tackle and from her vast experience could offer a training programme that included a variety of exercise routines, which were specific to me. With a few demonstrations of what would be included, it really brought a fresh perspective on training as well as a new challenge.

I am currently halfway through my training programme which includes 2 sessions a week which usually last about an hour, as much as that isn’t a lot, it is better than none at all and it is about being realistic as to what works with other commitments. Instead of promising yourself that you’ll train every damn day from now until (next) December and then when it doesn’t happen, you end up falling off track completely, I believe it’s important to not set yourself ridiculous goals when it comes to how you look. Within this time, Kelly keeps it focused to get the very best from each and every workout and actually makes my time there much more efficient and fun!

The main consistency in the sessions is with the warm-up and cool down, but in between, it can be squats, bicep curls to upright rows, ball slams, sit-ups, lunges, burpees and even my favourite (NOT!) the bike.  When it comes to any of these, having Kelly there to teach you how to lift the weights or how to get your body in the right position so you’re doing the moves correctly, is a real benefit of a PT. Having this 1:1 attention means you know you’re gaining the most out of the workout, whilst gaining your confidence with exercising.

Oh, and how could I not mention deadlifts, I think I now fully appreciate why they have such a lovely name. Let’s just say I’m still in training for those! I feel deadlifts are very easy to get wrong without proper instruction/knowledge. This is where a ‘Deadlift Survival Guide’ from Kelly is required – over to you Coach Kel!

Something that you also might not expect from personal training is what it gives for both the mind and the body. For me, one thing that stands out is the intensity. I guess that’s what brings the lifestyle element to Eat Train Live. You will never know how hard you can work until you experience that feeling of pushing yourself! Results don’t come from comfort zones. So, when I have been out of breath, sweaty, moaning through those last few push ups, I know then, I have done what I came to do. 

And, finally, if you’re considering Personal Training or exercising in general, remember why. Why you want it? Why you’re doing it? It keeps the focus there. So, on that note, it’s time to stop typing and get to training.

Speaking of typing and training needs:

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