Do you plan your social media content?

Yes? No? Sometimes? Heard of it?

We can’t emphasise enough that planning is key to the success of social media. One part of the planning comes down to the content, knowing what to say and knowing when you’re saying it. If it becomes ad-hoc that you write a post on the spot, you’re most likely to edit the post 2 or 3 times until your happy with it, it will be at a time that suits you (not your target audience) and sometimes it becomes a bit all or nothing.

If you don’t use a content calendar to coordinate your social media posts, we have to say, you’re doing it wrong. A content calendar gives you a high-level overview of your posts, and shows you when to publish, what to publish, and where to publish.

To create a content calendar, we recommend you use Trello, which is a project management tool. Trello might not be marketed as a content calendar tool, but it’s versatile and has some great features, and this makes it an excellent platform for content calendars.

What are Trello’s key features?

If we were to give our Top 5 features for Trello, we would go with these.

  1. Create boards, lists, and cards with extreme ease
  2. Allows you to use labels to categorize different tasks (eg planning, scheduling, drafting, and publishing of posts)
  3. A calendar view that lets you look at the editorial calendar across an entire month
  4. Invite your team and assign tasks
  5. Automate simple tasks

How do I get using Trello?

You can start by signing up here and there are no pricing plans, its free!

Oh, and by the way, this isn’t an AD. It just because we think it’s a great tool!