Graphic Design

Creating compelling designs
to inspire and motivate

At ie instinct, we offer a variety of creative services and expert advice. Offering in-depth design consultations, we’ll help you create impactful design assets for your business that make you stand out and connect you with your audience.

For our diverse range of clients, we work to provide individuality across all designs to ensure we get you noticed for being unique.

Our expert team of designers have an eye for detail and are here to follow, and also question a brief as and where they see appropriate.

Branding | Leaflets | Flyers | Adverts | eCampaigns | Banners | Menus | Social Media
Business Cards | Price Lists | Presentations


Whether it’s time to refresh your brand, or you’re starting a completely new business, our team are experts at creating effective branding.

Our team of specialists will make your business stand out from your competition, add value to your offering and connect you with your audience.

Branding is not just about a logo. It encompasses a lot more detail. From understanding how you wish to be identified, going through a discovery stage, to be able to get creative with a strategy in mind. 

When we get creative, we include a mood board and colour palette, typography exploration and overall aesthetics for future marketing collateral.

We are also here to support with the implementation and overall brand launch, ensuring further marketing materials are engaging, powerful and most of all, consistent, when shared across all platforms.

Graphic Design

We are highly experienced in creating graphic design work, working with all types of businesses, in various
industries. We ensure all graphic design is in line with a business’ own branding, be it a social visual, sharable infographic, or corporate brochure, we ensure that our designs perfectly showcase your business.

Alongside the design, our team are on hand to support with copywriting. To ensure that all graphic images give the overall right impression and are all fully optimised in terms of tone, layout and search visibility.

Social Media Design

It’s important for your brand to transcend across all of your social media platforms.

We can create branded profile images, a selection of cover images and a bank of social posts to be used across all your social media channels.

We understand there are times where it’s the thought process behind what to post that stops you from posting, with our stash of social branded designs, you can select and post.

If you’re running a social media campaign the creative really is the making of the campaign and can be
crucial to the results.

Website Design

Your website should act as your shop window, providing existing and prospective customers with an easy to navigate, informative resource that highlights your expertise in your field.

We deliver your business with a site that meets your needs, complements your brand and works to achieve your objectives perfectly.

Throughout the process, we always value what you have to say and encourage your honest feedback.

Our team will guide and advise you through each step, working together to create something impressive that truly represents your business.