New website for Jones & Graham Accountants

Jones & Graham approached us looking for an updated professional rebrand along with a new website design & development.
With over 30 years in the industry, it was important to keep elements of their original brand for recognition, yet bring the new refreshed feel and experience to their current marketing.
The first steps were getting to know more about the business, the history, the team, their existing customers and their short and long term objectives. Once we gained a greater understanding, we created a selection of branding designs, focusing on the colour palette, typography and overall messaging for the business.  
Once the branding was approved and launched across both online and offline platforms, the next task was the design and development of a new website. 

“Callie and her team designed new branding as well as a brand new website for our business Jones & Graham Accountants Ltd. They made the process so easy for us and also ensured that the switch over was made as smoothly as possible. We would have no hesitation in recommending ie instinct to anyone wanting to refresh their branding or build a new website for their business.”

Emyr Jones | Jones & Graham Accountants Ltd

We have created a bespoke website which editable components to ensure a more sophisticated and integrated digital solution. Not only for better customer experience but also for operational efficiency when Jones & Graham wish to add future content to the website. Our focus was ensuring that the style met the quality and style you can expect to receive as a customer of Jones & Graham.  

It has been a pleasure working with Emyr and the team at Jones & Graham Accountants over the last few months.